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Tom Williams, Financial Director, Mirius IT Solution

     " I had the pleasure of meeting Accursio as part of Celebrity JustDance charity event. Accursio is not only a great and patient dance teacher but also a passionate and dedicated man that works tirelessly to get the right results every year.

       I also worked with Julie, one of Accursio’s Romeo Dance Academy teachers. Julie was patient with me as my dance partner and was excellent when teaching my 5 year old son his first ballroom steps! I would recommend both teachers to anyone that fancies a Ballroom or Latin lesson whether as a beginner or an experienced dancer. "

Tracy Miller, RDA member of 2 years

     " As a couple in their late 30’s and mid 40’s who have never danced before, the pace of the Beginners Classes was perfect for us. We were taught everything from scratch in a friendly atmosphere amongst people of all ages. Since we began dancing we have also been to a few tea dances and dance weekends, and it is great to be able to get up and join in.  

       It is my favourite night of the week - we have now moved into a great new challenge that is the Improvers Classes. Thanks Romeo Dance Academy, we couldn’t have done it without you! " 

John Cove, MK Dons SET

     " I have seen first hand the effectiveness of the teaching at this dance school. From someone who started with two-left-feet to gaining four 10's from the Celebrity JustDance judges panel, it shows that they can work miracles while keeping it fun and enjoyable at the same time! "

Tina Baggaley, RDA member of just under a year 

     " A sense of humour was always going to be important for whoever was going to be the unfortunate person teaching me to dance. The lessons really are great fun and the teacher has the patience of a saint!! "

 Ruby Parmar, Office Senior Partner, PwC

     " I first came across Just Dance and its founder Accursio Romeo when I agreed to be a contestant in Celebrity JustDance in September 2017.  For someone who had no formal dance training, Accursio made it a pleasure to learn: his patience and support was vital in giving me confidence in my ability.
       A dedicated professional, Accursio is passionate about teaching and his skill is evident in the diverse groups of individuals he teaches."

Debbie and Karl Williams, RDA member of 18months

     " Having been dancing with a different teacher for 6 years, we felt that we wanted more of a challenge on skill and technique. Since joining your classes we have gained that and so much more: other teachers and dancers have complimented on our dancing, which never happened before; our confidence is growing in all dances, evident when learning dances we never thought we would, like the rumba. Your classes have made us really enjoy dancing, to feel that we are being challenged just enough to keep our passion, drive and desire to improve to the very best of our ability. 

       The classes are friendly, well structured, very enjoyable and welcoming from the outset. They provide a very good level of critic and a mix of steps and techniques that allow you to develop in the right way. We have also had some private lessons that were very specific to our individual need, hence really enhanced our level of knowledge. We often recommend Accursio and Romeo Dance Academy to the other dancers we meet. Wish we had come to you so much sooner! "

Paul Tomlinson, Mirus IT Solutions 

     " I first met Accursio through Celebrity JustDance, when he took me from a non-dancer to something a little better. Accursio has a great teaching style as he provides firm direction whilst always smiling. Since competing in the competition I have returned to a number of classes, and if it wasn’t for lack of free time I would be a regular at Accursios school! " 

Mandy Jones, Parent

     " My little girl Alexandria has recently been dancing with Julie on a Saturday at Oxley Park School and loves the class! Julie is a brilliant teacher full of energy, enthusiasm, very friendly, welcoming and looks amazing - who can ask for more?
Alex is in awe of her especially as they share a love of Mermaids! We are looking forward to your new studio opening so that she can attend more classes. "

Rachelle, RStyling

     " I was involved with Celebrity JustDance to raise money for a local hospice. I was very impressed with Accursio's professionalism and attention to detail while seeing it all come together seemlessly. "




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